1st November, 2005

After waking, I wondered if I could make it in time to my local church for the Mass of All Saints. I said to the Lord, “Please help me.”

Our Lord answered, “Where there is the will, there is the way, My child. Don’t ever think of Me that I am far away from you. I am always near to help you, to guide you and to lead you and teach you. If you decide on your own, you will stumble and fall. Remember, we are one. That way, you must always think of Me, not of yourself but if you doubt Me you will pain My Heart very deeply.” (I felt pain in my heart when He said this and I became emotional.)

“My Saints in Heaven, when living on earth, always tried very hard to please Me and to suffer for Me just to console Me. They say, they never do enough for My glory.”

“My children, meditate on My Saints and walk in their footsteps so you too will rejoice with Me in Heaven one day, among all the Heavenly beings and be part of My Fatherly family. Live in My will, not in attachment to the world. That is all false which the devil promises. My children, live in My love like My Mother did. She blocked all worldly things away. Let us adore My Mother too. She strives so hard for all of you to lead you to Me because she loves you so much.”

“Pray for others too so they can share in and understand the intimacy of our love. That way, the world will be better soon. Love, love, love. That is what it is all about, to share in an intimate relationship with your God.”

“I bless you, My children, on this very special day of All Saints.”

When Our Lord was speaking to me. I was so touched by His deep words. See how much He loves us. He suffers when we don’t turn to Him.

Lord, have mercy on us when we lose confidence in turning to You. Blessed Mother, pray for us. We love you.

Some people may question the statement – ‘Let us adore My Mother too’. Thus an explanation is given. Our Lord, Jesus is inviting us joined to himself to adore Blessed Mother as our Mother because She has done so much for us She works so hard to bring us close to Jesus. What is wrong with that? To adore Her as our eternal Maternal Blessed Mother. Our Lord Himself said, “there is nothing wrong to adore My Mother, my Children”. Do not fear that you might offend God, because He Himself invites us together with Him to love our Blessed Mother. We are not adoring Her as God, but as Blessed Mother of Jesus and us.