19th October, 2005

After receiving Holy Communion, during thanksgiving prayers I was praising God and asked Him to have mercy on me, a little sinner, for I had missed daily Mass owing to my feeling depressed and unwell. I had been sick and ached all over, especially around my back and ribs.

Our Lord spoke to me, “My child, for the past week you have had much to suffer, for I permitted this for many souls who have died in disasters lately. I permitted you to be sick and even tormented by the evil one to save them. Valentina, you would be very happy to see how many you have saved.”

Our Lord was smiling and looked very pleased. “I tell you, these disasters will continuously come very often. Many people will lose their lives unexpectedly. Also, the sickness and disease will kill many. Tell people to turn away from sin and change their lives. You are never ready when this happens. This was foretold in Sacred Scripture and warnings from prophets but people ignore them completely. Soon, people will envy those who are dead.”

“I don’t want to panic you, My children. I rather people will come to know Me and love Me instead of offending Me. My Heart is deeply wounded and suffering from offences received from the world. Only very few of My chosen people console Me. So sad is your Lord to see humanity sinking into the darkness instead of coming to the light and truth. Tell My children to pray and do some penance. I am worthy of your little sacrifices that you offer Me. I suffer so much for all to save you and I still love you in return.”

Then He said, “Speak of My infinite love which I am giving you. I am an ocean of mercy. Do not be afraid to approach Me. I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”