28th September, 2005

In St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta, after receiving Holy Communion, during thanksgiving prayers I had a vision of a bull, just the head and neck, of a silvery grey colour with soft brown eyes. Suddenly the vision expanded and a man appeared beside the bull. He was clothed in a white robe, with a soft green mantle over one shoulder and held across his chest over his arm. He had dark brown hair, reaching just below his ears in a soft wave. He had brown eyes.
He gazed at me, then smiled and said, “I am St Luke, an apostle of Jesus Christ. You have the great privilege to meet me today. While living on earth, I was a great philosopher. The Lord Jesus chose me to study and write the Gospel of St Luke, so that people can learn and read right through history and it will pass on from generation to generation.”
“Valentina, don’t be discouraged when people will put you down. Spread the true word of God to people. We of Heaven see everything and we know everything, what the future holds for all of you. Tell people to listen and to pray because sin offends God so much. So sinful is the world, that God permits punishment to fall on humanity to correct mankind.”
“Valentina, read the Gospels and the Scripture everyday. You will see how much you will be nourished by this. Also, tell others to do the same.”
“I also want to tell you to be courageous and warn you that you have many enemies around you. Be more careful and trust only in the Lord. We of Heaven pray for you, for your strength and protection.”
He smiled and then departed. I said, “Thankyou, St Luke, please pray for us.