This morning, Holy Mary appeared while I was praying the Angelus. (She is always so joyful whenever we pray the Angelus.) Holy Mary said, “My children, I come to you as a very joyful Mother to thank you with gratitude for your sacrifices and prayers which you offer to Us. The world needs so much prayer for sins and the sins that will be committed. This offends God so much.”

“I know that many of you are sick and I am very sorry for you, My children. The way of life which you lead, rushing, the food that you eat, so much poison you absorb due to the insecticides sprayed on vegetables. All this is due to the greed of producers attempting to make food grow more quickly to increase their profits. They are led by the terrible evil instilled into them by the devil who tries to infiltrate into the whole population in order to destroy you all. For this, My children, do not lose courage and trust in Me and My Son. Through prayer, we lead you to protect you from all the adversity which is upon you.”

“God is preparing a new era of peace which will come soon.”

I said, “Blessed Mother, people are so depressed that they are losing hope.” Holy Mary answered, “Be courageous, My children, do not lose hope. Jesus is victorious. His victory will be soon.”

While I was writing this message, the phone rang and I let go. Our Lord was very offended and He said, “My child, I did not dismiss you.” I should have ignored it and put Our Lord first. Lord, have mercy on us. Always the devil tries to lead us, and we abandon all to obey the prompting.