During the Holy Rosary Our Blessed Mother, Mary Most Holy, came and said. “It is so nice to see you my children, gathered together in prayer in such a big number. You console Us greatly.

Then she continued. “My daughter it is through Me and my Son that you were called here so that We could give you this message. I want to tell you my child that the third world war is ever so near. They are preparing and it is not far away. I spoke to you in previous messages about this war, but now it is close at hand, it is almost at the door. No more years away, but ever so close.

This war is not a normal war, but a horrific war. I am speaking through you to warn all my children, and I want to tell you that millions and millions of lives will perish and there will be terrible suffering.

I want you to tell people that nothing is important any more except prayer. You must pray more. You are taken away with other daily chores and you neglect the most important thing – your prayers. Prayer is your salvation my children. The devil is raging through the world. He wants to destroy all humanity. One good thing is that God in His mercy will give a sign to the world before this horrific war starts.

Many countries are linked together with Iraq and are planning for this disaster to happen.” “My dear Mother,” I said. “I would rather die than go through this horrible time. What will happen to all of us? To our families?

She was looking at me and crying and She said. “You must be courageous my daughter. You will receive consolation and strength from heaven and so will all Our children who love Us and pray to Us. Tell people to convert, to go to confession frequently and to pray. I will never leave you, this I promise you.”

When the Blessed Mother was telling me this, She was crying very much. I too cried when I heard this horrible news, but we must not despair. She has given us Her word of hope. She will never leave us, and if we continue to pray, then maybe in God’s mercy all this can still be stopped.

Thank you, Our Mother Mary, Most Holy. Please protect us.