28 April 2023

Souls in Purgatory Desperately Need our Help

Throughout the night, I suffered severe pain in my left leg. As much as I find it difficult to pray during this suffering, I tried to pray, hoping the pain would ease, but this was not the case. To relieve me, suddenly, the angel came and took me to Purgatory to visit souls while my body remained on earth in pain and suffering.

In Purgatory, we found ourselves amongst many groups of souls.

The angel said, “See, Valentina, these souls are very sick and very much in pain.”

Some of the souls were lying in dirty beds, and they all looked terrible, with very sickly faces and in terrible agony.

This was such a depressing place.

Thinking in a worldly way, I suggested to the angel, “Maybe they should take some Aspro or something to ease their pain.”

The angel exclaimed, “That wouldn’t help!”

We then moved to another place, and more sad faces appeared in front of us. I asked the angel, “Why do they look so sad and miserable?”

The angel answered, “These souls are in severe pain, even more pain than the previous souls.”

Again, thinking the earthly way, I said to the angel, “Maybe we should give them some Panadol to ease their pain.”

At that moment, the angel fell to his knees, and he laughed and laughed. He laughed so much that I started to laugh too with him, not knowing why he was laughing.

I tapped him on the shoulder and asked him, “Why are we laughing so much?”

He replied, “Valentina, you are hilarious. I am laughing at you! No one ever offered a soul Aspro to get better; you are the only one.”

“What they need are your prayers, to offer them to our Lord in the church, and to offer your pain that you suffer to restore them from their suffering.”

He stood up and said, “Valentina, no wonder our Lord loves you so much because, on your account, He laughs Himself so much, and with that, you console Him because the world offends Him.”

Purgatory is so full of souls beyond your imagination. They desperately need help from us.