29th September

This morning, while praying. Our Blessed Mother appeared with Archangel Michael,
She smiled and said, “Today is the feast of the Archangels that God entrusted to them to give power to help you, children on earth. Invoke always to the Holy Angels. They will guide you and protect you. Thank God for all the Guardian Angels God sends you, to protect you. They are with you constantly.”

Blessed Mother turned to Holy Michael and permitted him to speak. He said, “You people on earth live in total darkness. You would not move or do anything if it was not for me to protect you.”

In a vision he showed me the darkness in the world, which is as total blackness. This means the evil and sin in the world. Then he said, “Tell people to invoke me as often as you can and pray to me. You cannot survive without me. You need my protection. God made me a very powerful warrior Angel. Now I am in a war against darkness and evil, all over the world.”

I replied, “Thankyou, Mary Most Holy. Thankyou Holy Michael the Archangel for your love and protection”.