2nd June 2017

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta

Cenacle Rosary Prayer Group


Our Lord Jesus suddenly appeared to me and said, “My child, My Sacred Heart is wounded. Console Me, for the world offends Me so much. My Sacred Heart is full of thorns, pierced straight through from watching humanity that is so sinful. They have rejected the True God. Speak to them and tell them of My Love and My Merciful Father. Tell them to come to Me. I will forgive them everything when they approach Me and repent sincerely. Tell them I will heal them and embrace them with My Holy Light and console each and every one of them. Don’t be afraid, speak out!”


“The time is approaching very fast and evil never sleeps. He is very active now. Many unpredictable events will happen, and I, your Lord desire that all people will be ready to come freely to Me. I am your God the Father, and I want all people to be with Me.”


“As for you My child, don’t be silent. Speak My true Holy Word that I teach you. Spread My Holy Word to all My children so that they can convert. My Love and My Mercy is great. Be at peace.”


Lord Jesus have mercy on all the world.