5th June 2017

While I was praying my morning prayers our Blessed Mother Mary appeared before me, and said, “Praised be Jesus, my daughter, for He is offended so much.”

I answered, “Blessed Mother, praised be Jesus forever.”

With a sad expression on her face she said, “My loving daughter, I come to tell you  the world offends God so much. As a mother, my Immaculate heart is so sorrowful for what is happening today in the world.”

“Your streets are now full of blood everywhere, terrorists are very evil and active. I have previously spoken to you about how the blood will run through your cities, if people of the world don’t listen and change and pray.  But now it is reality, you live in these dangerous times. My Son and I feel very sorry for you. We tried to warn you for many years, of the dangers that will come upon you, and now you are living through them. I am very sad and concerned for the people of the world.”

She looked and smiled at me and said, “I know you have tried very hard to explain and tell people of the messages. But even the very religious don’t believe what you tell them.”

“They might listen in that moment, but they are not satisfied with what you tell them and they search for more. They might believe others but not you because they are very curious and want to find out what will happen next in the world.”

“My children, My Son and I are very sad to see people living in curiosity and not in faith. I call these people just like the Pharisees. Look at the world, how fragile peace is, and you don’t know from one moment to the next what can happen. My children, be courageous.”

“My daughter, we love you and we console you. Tell people to pray and leave everything in God’s Hands. He is in charge of everything. Instead of being curious my children, pray for the world, for peace is so fragile now.”