31 July 2023

Feast of St. Ignatius Loyola

While praying my morning prayers, the Holy Angel came and took me to Purgatory. We arrived in what looked like middle Purgatory. The souls there told me they were all hungry. I helped to console these souls, giving them a little encouragement and did some cleaning to help clean their souls.

The angel said, “Now we have to leave.”

As we walked between Purgatory and Heaven, the angel said, “There is something else I have to give you.”

He held in his hand a ball. I noticed that it was mainly coloured red with patches of blue. He said, “This is for you. Our Lord wants you to have it.”

I said, “What am I going to do with this?”

He said, “You are holding the world.”

I asked, “What do the colours represent?”

He answered, “The red represents there will be extreme hot weather all over the world, a lot of fires and heatwaves.”

“The blue represents the ocean.”

I said, “What has this to do with me.”

He said, “Don’t complain; you are a part of what is happening. Pray, and tell people to convert and repent.”