31st May

Message 1:

At home, 5 am, I was awoken by an Angel. He said, “Come, I will show you,” and he took me to Purgatory. (Each time I have an experience of Purgatory it happens in a different level).

This time I had the feeling of being taken down. The Angel brought me into a very dark tunnel. It seemed like a mine, filled with charcoal, burning in areas. The smell, similar to the aftermath of a house fire, was overpowering and airless. I saw people working, digging the charcoal. They were all blackened. The only light in there was issuing from the Angel beside me.

The reason I was taken there was because I knew a lady with whom I had been acquainted. The Angel told me that most people passed through that tunnel after death, depending on the soul’s state of grace. The person who I knew was crying. She begged me to help her saying, “Don’t leave me here, I’m going to go mental. Our minds are perfectly clear and are aware of everything we have to do.” She was doing penance by cutting the charcoal into blocks, crawling on her knees, putting it into position. She felt she would not survive and asked me to pray for her. I told her to be courageous and to have hope, that I would pray for her to help her rise above this dark, depressing place.

While I was there, seeing all this, I felt anger towards our Lord that He could allow this to happen to souls. God has His reasons for doing this. How we live on Earth, how we offend God, this is very painful for Him who loves us very much.

We cannot see God unless we are 100% purified. There cannot be any stain on our souls. Take care of how you live on Earth. Practice chastity, honesty and obedience toward the Ten Commandments. Pray and do penance while you still have time. God is full of surprises. He does not force anyone into doing anything. He gave us free will to choose the way we go. Constantly we all must be aware that we are sinners.

The Angel spoke, “Tell your Priests to teach their people and speak about Purgatory in the churches.”

I answered, “May God have Mercy on our Souls.”

Message 2:

My Lord appeared and greeted me, “Peace be with you, My child.” He was very angry. He then said, “Pray always for peace. Look around, what do you see? Do you see a peaceful world? There is nothing but corruption and killing. I can no longer look at this world, full of malicious pagans! They give to the sinful flesh, money, ambition and power from satan. The leader of a trio of unfortunate kings, who reign in full power in the world, is a liar and deceiver. He leads others into a sin of no return. All that he does, is lead you into a terrible abyss of sin of eternal punishment.”

Our Lord continued with a very sad expression, “My truth is light and life which leads you into fullness of life. I struggle to convince you to come to Me, and constantly I am forgiving you. I wash you with My Precious Blood, the blood that was poured on the cross in My suffering on Calvary. How then can you accuse Me of not doing enough for you? I consume Myself to continuously redeem you but many are slanderers and hypocrites and repay with malice and hypocrisy. Blessed are those who close the door to the sin of the flesh and all desires of the world and the devil who opens these doors of temptation.” Our Lord looked at me, tears were welling up in His eyes, and then said, “I give you everything I have, and 1 continue to give My love and goodness but you people give Me so little. Always you are afraid that you are doing too much for your God, who gave you everything (the ultimate sacrifice).”

We must return to Our Lord in the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation in an attempt to make up for our errors. Our Lord asked that I write this serious message as it is a warning. Many are dying, unprepared, in the disasters throughout the world. We must approach Our Lord’s mercy otherwise we have to face His Judgement after death.