20th May

After receiving Holy Communion, Our Lord Jesus spoke, “Offer Me all those who are ungrateful after receiving Me. Thank Me on behalf of all of them. My children, be always grateful and thank Me for being present in the church. It is My will that you are there.”

“I want to remind you again that it doesn’t please Me when the Priest announces the sign of peace and people begin shaking hands and waving to one another, it distracts you just before receiving the Holy Eucharist. You should kneel down and unite yourselves to Me and ask Me to be merciful toward you. My children, you must remember that you are all sinners. In My Holy Presence you must be sorry for offending Me and ask Me to be merciful to you.”

“Valentina, tell people that shaking hands and greeting others should be done outside the church. I disapprove because it is the devil who wants you to be distracted and you turn your backs toward the altar. How sad I am to see all this. You are disobedient and irreverent. My children, you lose many graces for doing this. Pray very hard for the churches when many laws are being changed which doesn’t please Me. By prayer I will sanctify My churches.”

I said, “My Lord, remind me each time I am in a church, not to shake hands and clap but to be reverent toward you. Lord Jesus be merciful to us.”