17th May

While praying the chaplet of the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady.

While reciting the prayer, I wasn’t sure whether to pray the “Our Father” before starting the “Hail Mary”. Our Lady appeared and said, “My child, it won’t do any harm to add the “Our Father”. It will give great honour to Him and it will please Him very much.”

After I continued to pray, a beautiful vision came of the Holy Family surrounded by many Holy Angels. I could see the Blessed Mother was speaking to Saint Joseph and the Child Jesus but could not hear the conversation.

When this vision had gone, another vision came, I saw Angels gathering together in an aura of light. From this group, two Angels came forward and in their hands they each held a trumpet. This instrument was different to anything I had seen. It was gold and had a very long tube flaring out at the end in a very wide circumference. The Angels put them to their mouths and played a long fanfare. Suddenly, at the sound of the trumpets, what seemed like two doors opened and a jet-black horse galloped out, mounted by a man dressed in dark clothes, crouching over the horse as it flew past.

The Angels lowered their trumpets and turned to me saying, “Our Lord permits you to see this apocalyptical vision and you must tell the people that you are living in the Apocalyptical times. The black horse that is running through the world is bringing instability and misery to the world.
All must pray and repent and stop offending God. All this is being revealed to you which is written in the Book of the Apocalypse. The red horse, which precedes the black horse, is already out. This signifies the spilling of blood and wars and disaster.”

I said, “Lord have mercy and grant us your protection.”