1st June

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta.

Lord Jesus said today after receiving Holy Communion, “Honour My Sacred Heart very much this month, full of love and goodness. Tell people not to be afraid to approach Me. I am a merciful God and I wait for My children to come to Me. I also wish them to get rid of all the guilt they carry in their souls. A good confession will cleanse all the darkness they carry in their souls and will make it all beautiful again. Each soul is My very special child whom I desire to come to Me freely, so I can embrace you all.”

Then Our Lord showed me His Sacred Heart surrounded with thorns. He said, “Look, My child, how My Sacred Heart is pierced by thorns. Console Me by bringing others to love Me. The world has offended Me so much and people live in their darkness, their souls stained with thick dark mud. How many will die with no preparation whatsoever and they are living in terrible hate and sin? I am a living God. I want you all to love Me the way I love you. Speak of My Infinite Love and Mercy.”

I replied, “Most Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us.”