5th June, 2006

Our Lord appeared and said, “Peace be with you. I am still very offended by this movie which is showing around the world, and they try to convince people that all these lies are true. They also encourage the young generation to see all kinds of impure and sinful movies. They offend Me in a very shameful way.”

He looked at me and said, “How can I watch all this that the world is really truly sinking into the darkness of sin? Do you know, My child, that My anger is great? I can command in an instant and swirl round My finger and disintegrate everything down into nothing, but My love and My mercy will not permit Me to do this, and My Beloved Mother, Mary Most Holy restrains Me and begs Me not to do it. My little children, pray to Me and console Me.”

“I give them all kinds of signs to wake up and to change, but everything they twist round and ignore the signs and have things as it suits them.”

“My children, thank My Mother everyday for she prays so earnestly for you all.”