3rd June, 2006

Our Lord keeps telling me during the past week, “For a long time you have had a draught and very little rain. Valentina, very soon I will open Heaven and pour so much water down that your rivers will not be able to swallow it. Then the scientists can see that it is not science that predicts the weather.”

“It is 1, the Lord, who controls all the weather. Only I can command and permit it to be My will, not scientifically made by men.”

“Only the good and humble people will praise Me and understand that it is I, Your good Lord, who has done this, but still they will find an excuse by finding ‘global predictions.’ “

“Many different signs will be given to the world to repent and to open their eyes to see that everything is not all right. That it is not as it used to be. These are signs that I give for the end times. Many things are coming your way, especially weatherwise.”
‘End times,’ means that time will end as we know it. We are being given the chance to repent and amend our lives to be in a state of grace when we come before our God and creator.

Lord have mercy and send the Holy Spirit to change us all.