5th May, 1998

During Holy Mass, at the moment of consecration of the Holy Eucharist and Precious Blood. Our Lord Jesus spoke, ” My child, every time I change the bread and wine into my Precious Body and Blood it is for forgiveness of all your sins. Be grateful and thankful for all the precious gifts you all receive”.

Our Lord, Jesus has previously told me that the Mass is the most powerful of all offerings. Next comes prayer. He told me, “sometimes you yourself don’t feel like coming to the Mass. If you only knew what you miss. It is the greatest privilege to attend Mass, not only for yourself but for all the souls. Just think how many souls you could save if you would attend Mass”.

Our Lord Jesus says that we should always be grateful for every minute and thank Him.

Thankyou, Lord Jesus for so many precious gifts which you give us to nourish us. I love you.