13th August, 1998

The Blessed Mother and an Angel came to me during prayer. Blessed Mother looked at me gently and said “My children I come to encourage you and to remind you to pray more in these days but, My children, you forget so easily and you get carried away by your daily duties. You sacrifice little for God. Concern for worldly goods takes you away as well. The Devil is very happy when you don’t pray. My Son wants to bring people to their knees, to bend down and to ask for forgiveness and mercy.

My daughter, tell people that the catastrophical weather with floods and too much water, that you all experienced, was a warning from God, but there is more to come. You will all experience and witness two more events that will happen for Sydney and coastal areas as well as this country in general. God is punishing His people for their sins. They offend God gravely. My daughter, the cup is overflowing in Heaven. God is now sending his Angels to pour bitterness on the earth for the sins of humanity. People must change their lives and turn to God.’

Then the Angel spoke “Don’t feel proud, people of this city. In Gods eyes it is very sinful and you are all part of it because you live in it. Pray, pray for Gods mercy.”

Thankyou Blessed Mother for your love and concern for us. Pray for us and help us to change and obey Gods will.