27th August

This morning when I was praying. Almighty Father appeared to me and He spoke, “My daughter, I come to tell you that all the prophecies are being fulfilled now. You are living in them.” Then He said, “Things will get worse day by day. Economy falling, recession, poverty, which has already hit many places in the world and natural disasters which will completely devastate places and ruin them with fire and too much water. Earthquakes and other disasters will devastate many countries. Humanity will suffer so much. There will be no stability in the world, but people do not want to know and do not want to believe and recognise that this all comes from God. Pray my children, pray for your salvation and also pray for others to be forgiven through your prayers. Always have hope and trust in Your Eternal Farther. Call out every day to Me Abba, Father, have pity and mercy on us and on the whole world.”

He then continued, “My daughter I will come to you and instruct you before the Final Event. I love you my child, be courageous, proclaim My Word to people. Do not be afraid, I am always with you. Tell all my children to pray unceasingly now. The time is short. I love you all children and I bless you in My name. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. AMEN.”

I replied, “Thank you my Father, Abba, I too love You and pray that all your children on earth will love You too. Have mercy on us all.”