30th September

Today when I was praying the Angel of the Lord appeared to me and he said, “The Lord sent me to remind you and to refresh your memory about the chastisement. You must tell people what is coming. Don’t lie, Our Lord instructed you and told you to speak openly to people about the truth. You must obey Him. When you speak to people you only tell them the nice things and you hide the most important. People must know the truth about what is coming.” “I know”, I said to the Angel and continued, “I admit, I don’t tell people about the chastisement because they are afraid. I myself am scared.”

Then the Angel said, “You should not be afraid about anything, because wherever you go or run to, you will be protected and so also will be the people who believe in the Lord and pray. Tell people the chastisement is around the comer. They must listen and prepare by changing their lives, by reconciling with God, by asking for forgiveness and mercy and they must stop offending Him. The time is very short and very near, it will happen soon.”

Later on in the day when I was praying for the Holy Souls, Our Lord Jesus appeared to me. He was smiling and He said, “Thank you my child for offering prayers for the Holy Souls. I thank all My children who offer up prayers for the Souls in Purgatory.” Then He said, “Valentina my child, now you know and understand why souls suffer so much when they die, because while living on earth they don’t obey my commandments. They offend Me terribly. They don’t love Me and they don’t offer Me anything. They don’t want to know Me But when they die they are so sorry for what they have done. They wish they could come back again and repair it all, but it’s too late. I only give one chance to each soul. For this reason their suffering is longer in Purgatory. Tell people to pray for souls and to offer Me all their sacrifices for them.”

I replied, “Oh my Jesus have mercy on all souls.”