12th October

It was about 6:45pm and I was saying The Chaplet of Divine Mercy, when the Blessed Mother appeared. She said, “My daughter, the times are very difficult. Your are living in very difficult times. It is getting worse every day throughout the world. People do not realise that they must pray to overcome all problems. The war is about to begin in Kosovo. Just think My children how many innocent lives will be lost. My little innocent children, so much blood will be shed, what a terrible waste. All because of the leaders who will not agree to the peace negotiations. Their hearts are very hard, like stone. You see My daughter, Satan is their leader and he tells them what to do, and they listen to him.”

She said again, “I tell you, this is a very dangerous situation. The war is about to begin and it can also spread everywhere. Russia is secretly supporting the Serbian leaders and this will bring another danger to this conflict. So you see My child My Heart is bleeding because of the sadness that I see. That is why I come to plead with you My children, to pray a lot for this intention so that I can intercede to the most Blessed Trinity for mercy and help. So that God the Father, God my Son and God the Holy Spirit will stop this catastrophical situation that will come upon humanity. Pray! Pray! Pray! My children so that God will hear your prayers and put an end to this terrible situation.

Blessed Mother was crying when she was telling me this and I was crying with Her and I said, “Blessed Mother, please protect and help us and please ask your Son Jesus to help his people and have mercy on us.”