7th June 2017

While praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, our Lord Jesus appeared and said, “You are so close to My Reign. I know you all have hardships and the world is so corrupted with hate and evil. Tell everyone not to lose hope. You must pray very hard and trust in Me. The trials you all experience that I send you, are to help Me to save others, who are far away from Me. They don’t know Me. Humanity wants to do everything without God. How much pain and insults I receive daily, so denied and rejected I Am in the world.”

Jesus touched His Sacred Heart as He said these words.

I felt like while our Lord was speaking to say, “Lord, I will always believe in You, no matter what the world will say.” Our Lord lamented. He was very sad.

We must console Him. I said, “Lord Jesus, have mercy on this evil world.”