9 April 2021

Message for a Prayer Group

I visited a very lovely family for prayers and we shared God’s Holy Word and I shared my experiences with them. Our Lord wants me to share with the world.

While we were praying the Holy Rosary, our Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother Mary spoke to me and gave me a message for Olivia and her family.

“Valentina, you were called here to give the message to this family, to tell them what I want from them.”

Our Lord said, “Valentina, tell Olivia that in this house, we want to establish a prayer group. It is very essential for these times that you all live in. These are very crucial times, and we want many people, and many families to pray, and to invite others to pray, and to learn how to pray, so as to be protected from so much evil that is in the world right now.”

“I tell you, you will all receive very special Graces and Blessings if you accept My invitation. I bless you all and love you. Be at peace.”

The family was very happy to receive this message and to accept our Lord’s invitation to start a prayer group.