9th DECEMBER, 2004

A few days before, in a church, I met a lady friend that I know. She asked me to pray for her as she just had an operation on a goitre. I promised I would pray for her. She had just recently lost her husband and she was very sad and depressed. I consoled her and told her to trust in Our Lord and Our Heavenly Mother.

Between 6 and 7am in the morning, during my prayer, I was severely affected by the devil. He appeared in front of me with the appearance of an ordinary person, but when he opened his mouth I could see a worm caught in his teeth, protruding from the corners of his mouth. He was extremely angry.

He said, “I have come to tell you to leave my priests alone. No matter how much you spread the messages, you can do nothing to help them. They are my priests alone and I control them and tell them what to do. I warn you, leave them alone. Your friend, who you spoke to a few days ago, was telling you about her operation. She has only a small cut but yours will be right around your neck and I am going to cut your head right off.”

I answered back, “Only if God permits will you cut my head off.” He became even angrier. I said, “How about the priests souls when they die? You lead them into a terrible place of suffering where they are in danger of losing their eternal life forever.”

He said, “Leave them alone, 1 am in control of them. A lot of them don’t know what happens after death.”

I said then, “This gives me even more courage to spread the messages to the priests of whom Our Blessed Mother calls Her Beloved Sons. Your vengeance happens only if God allows it.”

He became more and more angry. His eyes were black and glowing red. He shouted, “Leave them alone, I warn you, I am in control of everything and definitely Bishops and Priests. They are mine and you leave them alone.”

I held a rosary in my hand and constantly called to Our Lord for help, I was aware that Our Lord allowed this to happen, but He gives me strength to stand against this onslaught.

I said, “Be gone, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.” I made the sign of the cross several times, and then he departed.

Our Lord appeared to me during the day, while in church, and said to me, “Fear not. My child, for I know everything and I control everything. Although I permit you to see that, it is a reality that he is controlling through disobedience. Don’t let him stop you, be courageous and spread the messages. Through this, you can save many souls.”

“Valentina, every suffering brings out good things. I change things from bad to good.”

I was fearful, but on the other hand I felt a lot of strength around me, and I knew that was from Our Lord. I thought, although I write the word of God down concerning the church and priests, I would have to experience this to know the reality of the danger that is around us.

Please, Bishops and Priests, obey the law of God. Don’t be afraid to speak the truth to the people, instead of worrying whether you will offend them. This only gives way to the devil. Valentina.