27th DECEMBER, 2004

During Mass, St Raphael.

“My child, Valentina. Don’t be upset for this disaster which happened in Indonesia. It was foretold long ago that this would happen.”

“My Father is very much offended about what He sees in this place, especially concerning young children, who are poor and innocent. They are very much abused by evil men for their pleasure of sinfulness of the flesh. This was a market for slave traders from all over the world.”

“My Father lowered His Almighty hand to show the world and make people understand that He is in charge of everything.”

“Pray for these people, for they need a lot of prayers. This was a total surprise and shock for these people who were completely unprepared for death. All these souls are now begging for My Mercy. Offer them to Me and encourage others to pray for them as well.”

“Valentina, many disasters will unfold yet.” My Lord said looking at me, “They are foretold for the world. There will be desolation in many parts of the world by nature of these disasters.”

“Tell people to convert and to be always ready for you never know when they will strike. I am very sad when people ridicule God’s word and warnings. I call this ignorance and pride of unbelievers by which the devil blinds them.”

“I know My faithful who listen to the Master and obey Him. He calls them and they follow Him, and they are very happy in His pasture for they know He loves them and protects them. Pray for non believers for they grieve My Sacred Heart and they shall experience My judgement severely.”

“Blessed are those who follow My word, for I shall bless them already here on earth and will reward them in My Heavenly Kingdom.”

“I know. My child, that you have much suffering, but I need you to do My work. Be courageous, and remind people to be faithful to Me for I love you so much. Give courage to everyone you meet.”

“Be at peace. My children.”

Lord Jesus, we love You too. Have mercy on all those people who suffered in the tsunami.