24th February, 2005

While coming home on the train from Mass I offered all the people on the station/platform to Our Lord for His protection and blessing.

I had a window seat and I began praying the rosary, during the Sorrowful Mysteries suddenly, a vision appeared. It was horrible. We had just left Central and it stretched for a mile as the train was going fast. There was a dark, stony wall, very tall and ugly. The top was jagged and pointed, blackened and smoking in ruins. In the centre, I saw flames, very high, coming from what appeared to be a huge black brazier. The flames were tossing what appeared to be people, but they were quickly transformed into unrecognisable ugliness.

This vision was so vivid I thought the train was really passing through this depressing place. I thought, wondering if all the people travelling with me, could also see this place. I began to get frightened as this was going on for miles.

The next moment, Our Lord Jesus was present, stretching out His Holy arms He said, “Fear not, I am with you. I give you a vision of reality, that really exists, and many souls fall into this place. They grieve My Sacred Heart so much when they decide wrong and refuse My mercy and grace to be saved.”

Then suddenly the vision was gone. Have mercy Lord, may all souls take heed of Your Holy Word.