Corpus Christi Sunday

In the Church at St. Margaret Mary Church during Mass the priest announced the procession in the city was cancelled due to bad weather. I said “Lord I am sorry it is cancelled for people to attend the procession. He immediately replied looking rather sad. He said, “My child I permit this weather with bad rain and wind in the city of Sydney because I would not permit Myself to walk through the streets of Sydney, as it is so sinful. They are not worthy of My Holy Presence. So sinful is this city which I have spoken to you many times previously. Tell My children to pray for the city of Sydney so I can be merciful to them.”

Lord Jesus be merciful to the city of Sydney.

People do not misunderstand this message. It is not for the faithful who would attend the procession but rather for the city in general which so many sinful acts are committed.

We have to pray for our city in the hope it will convert.