A Luminous Cross

Our Lord appeared with a Luminous Cross. He said, “Peace be with you My child, don’t stumble and worry for all you see and hear in the world today. It is bad, very bad corrupted and sinful. Some people worry for these happenings in the world others don’t seem to care so much, they just go through life ignoring things around them. The one world leaders try to make it possible to unite all things in one.  It will happen, even one world religion.

Muslims think and try very hard to convince people to convert to Islam and they will succeed to a point. When this will come, I will say enough is enough when the right time comes. My children, do you think that I will permit all this to happen? Oh No!” He said, shaking His head.

“I shall manifest with all My power to protect My elect people and put My enemy the ancient serpent at the foot of My Holy Cross. He will have no more power to deceive My children in the world. I will give My visible sign between Heaven and earth. A Luminous Cross will appear in the sky and every one shall see it. It will be visible to all mankind that will tell them that I am the One that paid the price of Redemption. The victorious One. I Lord Jesus Christ, The King of Kings.

Love Me and praise Me for all I have done to save you all.”

Our Lord smiling said, “As for you My child proclaim My Word, fear not. Trust Me. I am always with you and follow you where ever you go. We are ONE.

Thank you my Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us all.