Message given to Valentina

Appearance of a Holy Soul in my bedroom a few years past.

At 5am I awoke suddenly. I looked over to my dressing table on the side. There was a man standing there. The atmosphere was very cold (this chill comes with the souls from Purgatory). He was wearing grey trousers, a navy jacket and a navy stripe on the side seam of the trousers, a navy cap of a square type design.

He held out his hands to me and said, “Lady, please help me but don’t send me away. I have been searching for years and years and I couldn’t find anyone. I was directed to you.”

He turned his head to the side and showed me that the side of his head was missing. He said, “I have been fighting in a war and look what happened to me!” He indicated his head again.

I listened but didn’t say anything to him as I felt shocked at his appearance and was frightened to look at him. He kept begging me to help him. “Please, help me. I was searching and was directed to you by the light. They (the Angels) told me that you would help me.”

He kept repeating all this to me. I could see his terrible suffering and after a while I turned towards the Crucifix and prayed, “Lord, Jesus, please have mercy on his soul.”

I then made the sign of the cross in the air and the soldier vanished.

Afterwards, I couldn’t sleep anymore and was wondering which army he had belonged to.

When I arose, I asked my son. “A mysterious thing happened to me this morning. A man appeared to me in a very unusual uniform.” I described the uniform he was wearing and the wound on his head.

My son was also shocked and he said, “Mum, that is a confederate soldier. The south people and the north people of America were fighting each other. Mum, that is a very long time ago in the American civil war during the 1800’s.”

I began praying for him and offering Masses for him and continued doing this for a long time.

Sometimes I have a reply from a soul. Sometimes I don’t hear and that means they have been saved and raised up to Heaven by God’s grace.

I hope he is in Heaven, and may he rest in peace.

One day, I asked the Angel, “How do they find me? How do they know where my house is?”

“My bedroom is like Purgatory! What is this? I haven’t got much peace. I see the souls coming and going and sometimes staying in my room.”

The Angel answered, “You see, your home is like having a ray of light coming from Heaven down to your house so souls know where to go and find refuge and relief from their suffering because they know you will help them. You pray for them, you are compassionate towards them. They are guided to you either by Angels or Saints permitted by God.”

One day during last week, suddenly I experienced a very acute pain all over my body. I was sweating profusely with the suffering which lasted approximately 10 minutes. I felt I was dying and appealed to our Lord, “Please, Lord, help me!” A few minutes later, everything was taken away.

Our Lord then appeared and said, “Valentina, I need your very strong pain to relieve the souls. I need your suffering to save the souls not to fall into the abyss of darkness. Thankyou, My child, you have helped them.”

How essential it is to pray for souls to be saved and protected from the devil’s clutches. Have charity for the unfortunate ones you meet.