Message given to Valentina

Years ago I had an experience coming out of St Patrick’s Cathedral in Parramatta.

Walking towards the shopping centre I went into an arcade. It was very busy when suddenly two young boys about 10 years old ran to me. They were clothed in grey uniforms with a grey cap. They came close to me and pressed me against a wall.

They said, “Lady, please, can you give us some money for the bus?”

I didn’t notice the presence of school bags and I asked, “Didn’t your mother give you any money this morning for school?”

To me they were normal boys in appearance. I took out two dollars and gave each boy one. They accepted this and then ran away very quickly.

Afterwards, I felt sorry, wondering if it was enough for their fare as I didn’t ask how far they had to travel. Coming home in the afternoon, I knelt in front of the statue of our Lady, and prayed the prayer to the Divine Mercy. (I usually pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy at 3pm)

In an instant, I was elevated high and my spirit was taken out. I could see traffic and people all standing still. I thought ‘What is the meaning of all this?’

Suddenly, I saw in the middle of the road, an aura of golden light, it was beautiful. Inside the aura, I saw the two boys walking away from me. I thought, ‘These are the boys I gave the two dollars.’

Suddenly, a voice above me, a strong man’s voice, said, “The boys who you helped with the money were not ordinary school boys, but Angels from Heaven.”

I wondered, ‘If they are Angels, why would they need money?’

They stopped and turned round and smiled at me for quite a long time, then they turned into a street, entered a gate and vanished.

So you see, you never know who we meet or give alms. It may be an Angel or God Himself. We are tested by God over and over.

For example, I was on a bus coming home from a prayer meeting. When leaving the bus I thanked the driver and he answered, “Thankyou, my beautiful darling.”

As I stepped down I said, “Lord, did you hear that? He called me beautiful darling. He doesn’t even know me.”

Our Lord replied, “That was not the driver talking to you. It was Me Myself talking to you.”

“Do you know, My child, that I am in every person, and I can appear in any form I like?”

I said, “Lord, I am sorry I spoke about the driver like that, but you surprised me.”

He answered, “You know I love everyone.”