Message given to Valentina

Holy Souls begging for help.

Most of the time our Blessed Mother or an Angel appears.

The Angel says, “Come, today the Lord Jesus has sent me to take you away with me.” He doesn’t always explain to me what is expected or he will say, “Come and help people.”

On this particular morning he appeared while I was praying, he took me upon a country road on the outskirts of a city. The souls are usually on the open space. We walked and walked and eventually arrived at a little ramshackle house. We entered in and went through and down many steps which were in darkness.

The Angel was surrounded by an aura of light and lit the way for me. As we went down I came to a high fence consisting of wire netting. The ground within this fence was a swamp with very dirty, stinking water.

I noticed a lot of women lying with their faces in this water. As we approached, they arose and went to the fence and started begging me to help them. As I looked, there were others still lying in the water appearing distressed.

I said to the Angel, “Why are these women being punished so badly?”

The Angel answered, “These people were very wealthy while on earth, they spent a fortune on their faces and bodies to make themselves young and good looking, instead of helping the poor and starving people of which there are so many in the world. That is why they are being punished so severely. Their beauty goes into the dirt, now they are doing reparation for the wrong they did while on earth. God wants us to look normal on the outside. It is not the appearance without, but He looks on the inside to the state of the soul, who we are and what we do.”

I asked the Angel, “What can I do?”

He said, “These people are prisoners. You can help them and release them from this prison.”

(Previously, Holy Mary had told me that Purgatory is a prison in which souls are purged of their sin and made clean and pure before appearing before God.)

The Angel then told me, “Many more people will come to this place because they waste money on plastic surgery.” He smiled and then said, “Even Princess Caroline of Monaco will end up here one day.”

I was surprised, “Oh, will she? She is very wealthy.”

The Angel said, “Women put so much on their bodies but nothing for their souls. God wants us to be natural, the way He created us. Their souls are empty.”