Message given to Valentina

People ask me about the difference between the souls that are Catholic, Muslim or those born outside civilisation who have different beliefs.

I answered, “The Blessed Mother told me that man made different beliefs and divisions here on earth. She pointed to Heaven·and said, ‘There is one God for all. According to their beliefs in their religion and if they live good lives on earth they are still saved.'”

Jesus our Lord said, “There are many rooms in My Father’s house.”

Catholic people are the most punished because we have been given much. (The Sacraments) If we disobey the commandments of God and we do not offer reverence and thanksgiving, God is very offended. So, we have to learn in Purgatory till we are corrected and purified totally, one hundred percent, before appearing before God.

In Purgatory, I met a lady I knew before she passed on. She was in a place like a church. She was kneeling and called me. I came close and she asked me to help her. They had prayers and service in the church. She got up and left. I asked her, “Why do you go out? You will benefit from all this.”

She answered, “No, I must go. I can’t stay. I am not allowed.”

I said, “The Blessed Mother will help you.”

She replied, “Yes, the Blessed Mother is beautiful but I am still not allowed to stay among all these people. I was married to a Communist who objected to me attending Mass. To avoid argument I respected his wishes so I didn’t go to church or attend Sunday Mass. Now I can’t even go to church. I have to go out and you can’t tell how sad I am.”

I said, “You should have dropped everything and gone to Mass while you were still alive. Now it is too late.”

She answered, “I know I should have been strong because God shows us individually and judges us and we cannot blame others for our own faults.

Our Lord Jesus is very particular and fussy about what we do. We really have to suffer and feel the pain which increases and becomes intense to know how much pain we caused to Jesus in His Sacred Heart during our lives. ”

I knew a man who told me that he goes through very rugged and cold mountains with a group of people. ‘We have to go through these cold mountains and we really feel it.’

They were wearing ragged singlets, full of holes which were constantly being torn by the strong wind.

He asked me for three Masses to be said in order to gain release from this suffering.

Souls in Purgatory feel everything with greater intensity than when on earth.

Sometimes I feel even angry to see the souls suffering so much. I say, “Lord, how can you permit such suffering?”

Then I feel peace and protection surrounding me at this and I am very grateful to Him and Holy Mary who often guide me through all this, also to the Holy Angels and Archangel Michael.

I have good souls and sometimes bad souls who appear to me.

At this, I pray to our Lord Jesus, “Please, if it is a bad soul let it go from me. If it is a good soul let it stay and I will help.”

I pray for Australia and Sydney, for people working and people passed away. One day I had a surprise. Johnny O’Keefe appeared to me as a Saint from Heaven.

He said, “Valentina, we are very privileged to have you here in Australia, praying for people in our country. I really thank you for doing all this.”

He appeared dressed in white, his face was glowing and smiling and very young.