Message given to Valentina

One Day, the Angel appeared again and took me to a remote place in Purgatory like a countryside.

There was another group, sitting in a gutter. Their legs were bent over the edge, their bottoms were deep into the gutter and the rest of their bodies were at forty five degrees with no support. These souls were all men.

I said to the Angel, “What have these men done to make them suffer so much in this muddy gutter? It is very uncomfortable even as a penance.”

The Angel answered, “Talk to them.”

I asked the souls, “What did you do in your life that you have to be so severely punished?”

They replied “We did nothing good during our lives. We were selfish, we were only for ourselves. We didn’t help anybody.”

I asked, “Did you pray?”

They said, “No, we thought it was not necessary to pray.”

I started scolding them, “See the trouble you are in now, see how you have to suffer?

If you had been charitable during your lives and not selfish and prayed or do something good you would have received many graces from God.”

This means that I have to tell others about my experiences and not to fall into the same fault. We have to pray for the souls to help them rise from these punishments.