7th October, 2009

Our Lady Of the Most Holy Rosary

Our Blessed Mother appeared to me while praying.

She spoke, “My child, I come to you as the Lady of the most Holy Rosary to remind you to help Me to encourage people to pray the Holy Rosary. I only desire to lead you back to the Father in Heaven. That is your only salvation, My children. Don’t delay but act and change now before it is too late. Don’t be like your pre-ancestors. They were eating and drinking, enjoying themselves and couldn’t care less about anything.

The floods came and they all perished. My children, look around you at what is happening now! These disasters should tell you they are the signs of your time which you are living now. You should prepare yourselves spiritually, My children. These events will persist and come very frequently all over the world, many will die without being converted or being in a state of grace. I only beg you, My children, and plead with you to change. Decide today! Tomorrow may be too late.”

Our Blessed Mother was very sad. She said, “Why do people occupy themselves with all useless things except the true God who loves them very much? They keep rejecting Him. My children, He only wants your salvation and good for your souls.”

Thankyou, Blessed Mother, for Your warning.