4th October, 2009

Jesus came to me at 3 o’clock in the morning and asked me to pray the Divine Mercy.

He appeared in agony.

He said, “Valentina, My child, please console Me. Look at how I suffer to see all these people dying in terrible disasters which are happening.”

“If they would only ask Me and come to Me for forgiveness, I would never reject anything.”

“Valentina, My child, you know how generous I am in My mercy and love. I would never refuse anyone. Many would be saved through My mercy but they never ask. This is why I am crucified over and over again to see humanity turning away from Me.”

Our Lord is so sad and His agony is repeated to see people perish without being spiritually prepared before these things happen. Our Lord said to me He would prevent these things happening if only they would ask for forgiveness. He would be merciful to those who die.

People are angry with God when disasters happen. This is why Holy Mary teaches us to be in a state of grace and be united with God in our daily life by turning to prayer continually through the day with small acts of thanksgiving and offering of sacrifices and small sufferings. He will respond with blessings which give us strength to face each day.