11th September 2009

Remembrance of the twin towers in New York.

I was praying in the morning and offering up prayers for those who died in that horrible tragedy.

Suddenly I was transported in a vision. I was on the ground that had been cleared of all rubble.

From beneath the ground, I saw many souls appear to me and begging me for help.

They said, “Valentina, can you please tell people how much we scream from the deepest darkness. We need help. We scream and call out. Tell people how much we scream and beg for people to help us but nobody takes any notice of us.”

I told them, “They can’t hear you.”

They then said, “warn people not to build anything on this area. The ground is cursed. They must leave it empty as any structure will be cursed as well. The ground must be blessed, and prayed over daily and this will also bring relief to us.”

I was terrified to witness the horrible screams and howling issuing from beneath. They are in the deepest darkness and we all must pray for the relief of their souls.