7th September, 2009

Early this morning while praying, God the Father appeared to me, very sad. He said, ” I am not very pleased with the United States of America. They offend Me very much. Do you know, my daughter, that I made the United States the most powerful nation of all nations in the world so they would help others and I poured the most blessings on them.

They used to obey My Law and Commandments and they always said, “God Bless America” on every decision they made, they asked Me to help them, but things have changed for the worse. They offend Me terribly with abortion and the filth of homosexual marriage and so on.”

“They took their own law into their own hands. This is a Joke! How can a nation prosper without God’s Blessing?”

“A nation without God will experience many disasters and My Blessings will be withdrawn.”

I cried so much to hear this. I embraced our eternal Father to console Him. He appreciated this with tears in His eyes. I said, “God, our Father we will have to pray for America.” I was deeply touched, feeling love for the people of America. Please, America, Wake up!”