17TH AUGUST, 2009

In the morning, while saying prayers, an Angel appeared to me.

He said, “I was sent by the Lord Jesus Christ to reveal to you what will happen in this country very soon. Come with me and I will show you.”

Instantly, we found ourselves in a very remote place in the country. There was a huge building and we entered in. It was very spacious, like an empty warehouse. There were many people inside. They approached us.

I asked the Angel, “Who are these people?”

He answered, “They are the souls who need your help by offering prayers and Masses.”

After a while, the Angel said to me, “Come outside. I have to show you something.”

We walked a few metres over sandy, dusty soil. He indicated with his arm outstretched. I saw in the air a thick cloud of red dust, swirling like a willy-willy.

On each side I saw a black column of darkness reaching from the earth to Heaven. The Angel explained, “This represents the sin of mankind which greatly offends God. This storm, when it comes, God permitting, will cover a large part of the country. It will be a very severe storm.”

I said, “Oh, my God, I don’t want to know. This is horrible! What is the name of this place?”

The Angel said, “Broken Hill.”

“Oh!” I said, “I have never been here before.”

Then he said, “People can’t control the weather, only God can. People have to change and make amends otherwise you will experience more severe weather.”

No matter how much governments try to change the changing conditions in the world, they will not succeed until they turn to God with humility and prayer.