14th AUGUST, 2009


5am. I was praying. Suddenly my spirit was transported to St Margaret Mary’s Church, I entered in. It was pitch black inside and I held my arms out, feeling the way. Finally, after walking through, I became conscious of people all around me. The church was packed. The people were walking towards the altar but they were angry, shouting and protesting and holding in their right hands a Host. This Host was emitting the only light that I could see.

I went among them, wondering what was going on. As they approached, I noticed the Parish Priest, vested in white, standing in front of the altar. His face was very sad, but I could barely see him as the church was so dark. I stood for a moment after witnessing this and I thought, “Oh, my God, these people are really angry.”

The next instant, I found myself back in my room, feeling deeply touched and hurt in my heart. I said, “Lord, this vision does not look good. Why do I have to experience it?”

Our Lord then appeared and said, “Valentina, My child, I took you there so you could witness and experience this. What you saw is in the future in Purgatory. The people were judging the Priest because they were forced to receive Communion in the hand. You see, I don’t judge you, you judge yourselves. It is a big sacrilege to receive Holy Communion in the hand.”

My experience is seeing God, Who is so Holy and so Sacred is His Body, we should never touch Him with our hands. We should show Him true reverence by having a pure heart and humbly kneeling to receive Him in Holy Communion.

People, you had better believe it. Purgatory is reality. There is suffering there for sins committed during life on earth. Each is responsible for their own faults and there is no way to blame another.