8th AUGUST, 2009

Saturday morning while saying prayers, our Lord Jesus appeared on the Cross. He was suffering and was very sad, almost in tears. He said, “Valentina, My child, please console Me.” He reached down with one hand.

He said to me, “Gently caress Me and kiss My Holy Wounds.” His arms were blue with many bruises and His hands were bleeding. My heart ached to perceive all His suffering.

He said to me, “I was crucified, but do you think it was only then? I am crucified daily to see such terrible sin that spreads like thick smoke all over the world. There is no conscience, no remorse for their wrong doing. The devil really leads everyone astray.”

“I plead and I plead to the world for everyone to change but I receive very little response. How long can I watch this? My hand is already raised and will fall down soon. Then I shall put My justice and truth to the world. Speak of My Mercy and Goodness and tell them to come as soon as possible under My Cross, to repent and be healed of all their wicked doings.”

“I am the living altar and I shall forgive you and restore you to your life.”