Sunday 23 August 2015

The little white, flower basket and the Holy Rosary

Blessed Mother appeared while I prayed. She was holding a little white, flower basket and said, “How I wish all My children would pray the Holy Rosary for the whole world. I keep coming to collect the prayers, but there are not many to take back to Heaven.”

Then She showed me Her basket. Inside were little green beads filling only half the basket. These represent good fruits of the prayers offered sincerely.
Holy Mary then said, “How can the world change from this corrupt evil when people don’t pray enough and they are not interested in helping this poor humanity?”

“People are becoming very selfish, thinking only of themselves, while the rest of My children experience hardship. Not enough food, many die, especially young children. Their cries reach all the way to Heaven. This gives much pain to My Son, to His Sacred Heart. Please! My daughter, help Me to save the world. The world is on the brink of destruction, full of sin and evil.”

“Tell My people to pray the Holy Rosary daily, so together you will change the hearts of humanity.”

People, please, take this message seriously. Our Heavenly Mother was very sad as she spoke to me.