5 September 2015

Severe storms and hurricanes
At home, Lord Jesus appeared to me with Holy Mary as an eight year old boy.
They both looked very unhappy.

Holy Mary began saying, “Praise be Jesus, My daughter. We come to tell you we are very sad for the people of this world. So sinful is this world. The devil is confusing everyone. All God’s Commandments have been broken, but My children, things cannot go on like this. You did experience a very unusual weather this season. They are signs given to you from God. This tells you that your lifestyle must change and is a wakeup call from your sleep and good lifestyle, greed and selfishness.”

“My child, this country will also receive severe storms and hurricanes.”
In a vision, I was shown the wind twisting and picking up dust etc.
I said, “Blessed Mother, I am terrified of storms.”

Jesus came close to me and said, “My child, don’t be afraid, I am always with you to protect you and all My children who sincerely love Me.”

Holy Mary said, “Encourage people to pray the Holy Rosary.”

Thank you Jesus and Blessed Mother. Have mercy on us.