1 August 2020

Visit to Souls in Purgatory – Muslims

During the night, as with most nights, my room was filled with many, many souls. Also, I experienced intense suffering in my body, to the point where I could not get up and walk. The pain was so severe that I called out to the Lord, “Lord, I am going to die! Please help me! I don’t know what is going on.”

The angel then appeared and said, “I have been sent by our Lord Jesus. I want you to come with me. I will take you to the place where souls have been suffering much lately. Many of them have recently died from the virus.”

I asked, “But what about all the souls in my room?”

He smiled and said, “They can wait. They will be alright; your suffering will sustain them. You still have to come with me. I have much to reveal to you. Today I will show you many people that need your help and need deliverance. Do not be surprised by what I am going to show you and reveal to you.”

While my body remained behind, in intense physical suffering to sustain the souls in my room, my spirit was taken to Purgatory to visit other poor souls.

We came to a place in Purgatory where there was a neglected building, in total disrepair. Inside, it was full of people. There were groups of men and groups of women, dressed in traditional Muslim clothing, in shades of a dull grey. The women wore head coverings, but their faces were not covered.

The angel explained that these were just ordinary people with families, but who worshipped the wrong god. They did not believe in the Truth. These people were Muslims.

I could see that their penance was severe and exhausting. I asked one of the ladies, “What are you doing?”

They answered, “We work for the Lord. While we were living on earth, we did not know Him. His teaching is right.”

I noticed that these people did not complain about where they were. They knew that they had to do their penance to be purified, unlike Christians who tend to complain about their penance and want to get to Heaven quickly.

I could see some of the women doing house cleaning. As soon as they would finish cleaning, all the dirt would reappear, and they would have to clean all over again. This action they repeated over and over.

The women said to me, “We are hungry, and we are thirsty, lady. Can you help us and give us something?”

I replied, “I have nothing here, but I promise you I will pray for you and ask Jesus to have mercy on you.”

I understood that they thirst for God’s Mercy and hunger for the True God.

The angel then took me to a drab-looking garden, a very depressing place. Here, I could see many Muslim men doing their penance. They were pretending to trim trees. These trees were completely dry with no life. The more they would cut and trim them, the more the branches would reappear. They repeated this action trimming the trees over and over again.

I was then taken further in, to an even darker place, total darkness. Suddenly the bright light reflecting from the angel was illuminating the souls standing before us. I could see a group of Muslim women, with sad faces, all standing, tightly packed together, so close to each other, that they could not move. They were afraid to come out, and they were not allowed to come out. They were waiting for someone to release them, to deliver them.

The angel said, “They are waiting for you to take them out of darkness. After they died, they became confused. Now, they do not know where they are, nor how they are going to get out.”

In another part of the building, the angel showed me a group of men doing their penance. The angel said, “These men received a very harsh penance.”

The building had shabby door screens with intricately, patterned, metal grills. These souls had to clean the metal grills using tiny, pointed needles. This job of cleaning was so tedious and excruciating. I understood that the point of the needle represents the sharp pain these men inflicted upon our Lord during their life on earth. This action of cleaning they repeated over and over, again.

I said to the angel, “I can now view Muslims from a different perspective. I am so deeply touched to see how hopeless they are in Purgatory. They cannot help themselves. They depend on us to pray for them.”

Please pray for these souls. We are all connected to the One True God.