2 August 2020

My Son will make all new Creation

Today, I attended Holy Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta.

Before Mass started, I made all my offerings to our Lord. As I was feeling down and emotional, I lamented to our Lord, “Lord, I feel that nothing is nice anymore, not even in Church. I miss my son and everything around us is making me very sad and depressed.”

As soon as I said these words, our Blessed Mother appeared holding Baby Jesus in her arms. Blessed Mother looked ever so beautiful, richly dressed in a white flowing garment and long, flowing mantilla. Our Lord Jesus had light-coloured wavy hair and was also wearing white.

Blessed Mother said, “I know you are sad. Do not be sad and emotional. Trust my Son. He will help you. Now you are all suffering, but you cannot comprehend what is coming very soon; what my Son is preparing for the world, for all the nations. All the evil and evildoers will disappear off the face of the Earth. My Son will make all new creation, and it is already waiting for you. You have no idea what wonder and beauty awaits you. Look forward to this, trust in my Son. You just have to go through this short period of suffering. All the nations will praise God for what is coming. You will all witness what is to come, and then you will forget all the suffering you went through. You will all be renewed. The Earth will be renewed. You will all love one another.”

Holy Mass then started, and later, during the Consecration, our Blessed Mother appeared above the Altar and offered her Son, Baby Jesus, as the Sacrificial Lamb. This vision during the Consecration I experienced often.

During the distribution of Holy Communion, the priest would not allow anyone to receive the Eucharist on the tongue, but we all had to receive It on our hands. As soon as I returned to my seat, our Lord said to me, “Valentina My child, kneel and do reparation for all this sacrilege! There is no need to do this. They just want to suppress people, to control them and to instil fear in them. They want to control My Church.”

Lord, help us and come quick, rescue your people.