5 August 2020

Encouraging People to pray for their Loved Ones

When I prayed this morning, at about five o’clock, our Blessed Mother suddenly appeared. She was quite joyful. She embraced me and, in an almost whisper, said, “I have come to tell you we have just had a meeting in Heaven, and it looks promising.”

Blessed Mother did not reveal the rest of the meeting. It was like a little secret.
She then said to me, “You know the suffering that you had, that my Son permitted you to have, you should be joyful and happy, for so many souls went to Heaven through that, and they are rejoicing in eternal happiness.”

She then said, “I have to ask you something, would you offer some prayers for Diana (Princess Diana), she is so upset because not one prayer comes to Heaven from her family. They talk about her, but no prayer reaches Heaven. I tell you she is very sad. I go to her, and I embrace her, and I cover her with my Motherly Mantle, and I console her. In that way, she feels much better.”

In a vision, I could see Blessed Mother wearing a deep, pink-coloured mantle. Then I watched as she wrapped the mantle around Diana and hugged her, to console her. Diana looked so beautiful, standing in the Garden of Heaven.

Blessed Mother said, “That is why I come to ask you to pray for her so that at least some prayer will come to her from a stranger, that will make her much happier.”

People do not pray for her anymore, especially her family. She does not receive any Mass offerings, and her anniversary is at the end of this month, that is why Blessed Mother comes.

Blessed Mother said, “She is already in Heaven, but she still is very appreciative and happy if she is remembered on earth through prayer. If she does not need the prayer, then it will go to other people who need it.”

We should never stop praying for souls, even if they are in Heaven. They still like to be remembered. The only way we can remember them is in prayer.

Our Lord told me one day that while we are still living on earth, we need to pray. That prayer will be stored for the time when we cannot pray, and it will be stored in Heaven, similar to when you would put a little bit of money into your bank account, to save for a rainy day when you need it. So, too, prayer is stored in Heaven for when we need it. This is a teaching for all of us.