1 August 2022

Ask Me to Bless you on your Birthday

Our Lord Jesus said, “Ask Me to bless you on your birthday. Thank Me for creating you and giving you life, and thank your parents for looking after you and raising you.”

I said, “Lord and Blessed Mother, how do you know everyone’s birthday? There are so many millions and millions of us on earth.”

He said, “It is very hard for you to understand. I Am the Creator, and I know each one of you.”

“Always thank Me for your life, your ups and downs, that you experience through your lives because I love you so much. I Am your Creator and your Father. How I love you when you are close to Me and how sad I Am when you drift away from Me.”

I said, “Thank You, Lord, that you remember my birthday.”

“How can I forget when You keep reminding Me, ‘Lord, it’s my birthday!’” our Lord said with a smile.

We should be grateful because life is a gift from God. We are part of God. He created us, and we belong to Him.

So many people are in despair about their lives. You should turn to God; He will make you feel better, and He will change your way of life only if you allow Him.