5 August 2022

Our Lord is Sacrileged

During the prayers, our Lord said, “I tell you, the prayers from this prayer group are very powerful. A lot of good things come from this prayer group. Tell people to continue to pray.”

Soon after our Lord said this to me, I watched as the Tabernacle opened. I could see the Blessed Sacrament and a white feather right next to it. Then a most beautiful angel, with pure white wings, descended from the Tabernacle and went towards the right side of the Chapel.

Whilst looking at me and, with his hand, directing my eyes towards the Tabernacle, then in an urgent tone, the angel said, “Sacrilege! Sacrilege! Our Lord is so sacrileged. Tell people they sacrilege our Lord in every church. They have to stop that; they need to repent! They need to repent, not offend Him! There is too much sacrilege in all the churches! Stop being silent. Speak the truth to people.”

The angel was so upset.

Then as I looked at the Tabernacle, the feather that was sitting there suddenly changed into the most beautiful colours of the rainbow; orange colours, some green, purple, and some red. Seeing the rainbow gave me such a good feeling that something nice or maybe some little miracle will happen here in this church.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, and have mercy on us.