1 January 2019

Church in Ruins


In the morning while I was saying my prayers, Blessed Mother appeared holding Baby Jesus in her arms.


She said, “Praise my Son and tell Him that you love Him!”


“He is so rejected by humanity in the world. Today, my Son and I come to reveal to you something about the church where you attended Holy Mass last night. You were called to go to that church so that we can tell you something about it. It is so sad for my Son because that church is completely demolished and in ruins.”


“It needs to be rebuilt.”


“My Son and I are very, very upset by this church. In the past, it had a strong foundation, but now it is completely ruined, almost to the ground.”


“You have to talk to priests and tell them what we show you so that they can rebuild the church. It must be rebuilt.”


In a vision, the Blessed Mother was showing me how she was sitting and holding Baby Jesus on her lap. They were sitting on a little remnant of the church wall which was still left standing. The rest of the building around them was all in ruins. They both looked very sad.


She said, “Many churches around the world are the same, but today we only show you this one.”


When she finished telling me all of this I asked, “Blessed Mother what about St Margaret Mary’s church in Merrylands?”


She said, “It is very, very strong and good.”


I then asked, “What about St Patrick’s Cathedral in Parramatta?”


She said, “It is not that bad, but it is not as good as it was when Bishop Anthony was leading it.”


She concluded, “Continue to pray.”