1 November 2022

All Saints’ Day

As we were driving to church to attend Holy Mass, my friend Bernadette and I were praying the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

In the middle of the prayer, I had a beautiful vision of the Holy Saints. They were in a big group and very close to one another. Some of the Saints I recognised.

They were all smiling, spoke in unison, and said, “Valentina, we come to you with good news for Bernadette. She has a big faith in our Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother Mary. They love her very much.”

They continued, “Without realising, she was guided by Heaven to prepare a beautiful Shrine in front of her house. That will be a refuge for the End Times. Many, many people will come to her house to seek help and to be converted and to pray the Holy Rosary.”

“Many of her countrymen, as well as many others, will come and they will convert. The Blessed Mother Mary Most Holy will perform miracles for these people that will be coming to her refuge.”

“Bernadette is very determined when she wants to do something, and she doesn’t listen to anyone until she completes what she has set her mind to do. But she also has many enemies. Tell her we all pray for her. Our Lord is protecting her. Tell her not to be afraid but courageous.”

Thank You, Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother. Thank you, Holy Saints, for this beautiful message for these people.