1 September 2022

Angels Measure the Land for Water and Dryness

In the morning, while I was praying, three angels appeared to me. They said, “We have come to check the land and to measure.”

I thought to myself, ‘What are they going to do?’

In a vision, they showed me a lot of water, high water like a tsunami, and then the water was receding, so I could see a little sand.

The three angels walked up and down and inspected the area after the water receded. Then, suddenly, a lot of sand appeared, becoming a desert.

I said to the angel, “It looks like a desert.”

One of the angels said, “First, there will be a lot of water, but then it will turn into a desert, all dryness.”

The angels did not explain where this would happen.

Holy Angels pray for us that our Lord will be merciful to the people wherever this event will happen.